The meeting had three main articulations; expose on the preparations towards Cameroon Students Challenge Junior-CSCJ, 2018 by M. Francoise-Herve Moudorou-FHM, Executive Secretary of OPEN, followed by the documentation put together for the creation of CSCJ by M. Claude Bilong Matip focal point of no 1 of OPEN, then exchanges and family photos.

On the first piont HFM, gave an update of events which is towards the strategic meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Secondary Education- MINESEC, to hold on November 20th 2018 at OPEN, to be led by the Technical Adviser no 2 of MINESEC M. Adams Daniel Oyono. Despite the fact that we started with CSC at the University level we faced numerous trials and changed strategies and had to move towards the Minister of Secondary Education who had cultivated a great rapport with OPEN during the maiden edition of CSC in Buea when she was the Vice Chancellor. In line with this FHM added that Minister Nalova Lyonga was in favour of the idea and insisted on Hygiene in schools (physical, mental, emotional etc.) they agreed to make this a programme to be piloted by MINESEC. The minister also wished civic activities be included, correspondence in this light have been going on between OPEN and the ministry also resource persons have been contacted and they have given their accord.

Concerning the second aspect the strategy to put in place and documents and fact sheets are already drawn up. CSCJ will comprise of academics, physical and cultural activities.  The fact sheet has been sent to M. Daniel Oyono made up of three points; the first aspect shared vision encompasses strategy, organisation, concepts, focal point, implementation and the move towards creation of an ad-hoc committee. The second facet is converging strategy which incorporates the nature of the CSCJ, innovation, the positioning of the competition its impact culturally and politically. Last but not the least is integrated organisation were we need to be in accord that the ministry will take over the program but we should remember it is a copy right of OPEN that has been registered with the OAPI, this new updated version of CSCJ needs to be registered. The focus of CSCJ will be with high school students of non-examination classes.

The period we have in mind is during the Easter break but it can also be modified and the competition will start with a pilot edition in the Centre region that is made up of 11 subdivisions. This will focus on high schools and lower sixth classes. Selection of teams could be done in collaboration with the divisional delegates of MINESEC, and we could also co-opt other institutions directly.

We had to do strategic communication to make sure the whole nation is involved by affiliating other ministry and why not put it under the patronage of the Prime Minister. The web master also proposed a logo for CSCJ and an updated on the new website, proposals were made to make the colours more youthful and not to denature it from the original logo of CSC. The next meeting was scheduled for 14th November 2018.

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